Scented Inspirations by Irish Nature                                                      

Cottage Eco Soap

€6,90 (Coming soon)

We wanted our natural handmade soap to be as pure and authentic as possible, soapmaking from scratch from fine plant oils and extracts, botanicals, organic ingredients, aromatherapy blends and essential oils.
Our luxury handmade soaps and bath products are created entirely by hand  and long lasting.                                  Our handmade soaps are decorated with dried flowers and botanicals or stamped by hand. We are very proud of our handmade soap and handmade toiletries, and have never been tempted to skimp on ingredients and processes. All products are free of palmoil, none animal tested , vegeterian and some are vegan (V)      Bar 100g  Gift bag / box                                                                                                                                                                    

DINGLE WILD ROSE { It's creamy and rich - with cocoa and shea butters and stunning to look at with its romantic roses. Fragranced with a blend of geranium, rose petitgrain and ylang ylang essential oils}

Silk Rose { Jasmin and rose , geranium oils on shae butter base

{Lavender,A blend of sweet lavender and sharper lavandin oils grounded with a touch of Moroccan cedarwood. The bar is topped with blue lavender buds. Lavender oil is so kind to the skin, soothing, healing and comforting.}

Cottage oat {A crunchy, oaty, lemony, scrubby bar of soap? Not much, we thought, so this one has our usual helping of cocoa and shea butters, plus handfuls of good ground organic oats to gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin a lemony tang of litsea cubeba oil & patchouli.}

Sea Salt {Like a stroll along a seaweed strewn shore, so we have tried to capture some of the sensory delights of being outside in our range of Open Air handmade soaps. With sprinklings of good seaweed and Atlantic sea salt topping.} {V}

Mariegold {A delicious tangy soap with its bright topping of sunny calendula petals and its warm and happy scent of herby rosemary and lemony litsea cubeba. Sprinkled through with yet more marigold petals and dill herb.}
Irish coffee { soft dark coffee with vanilla cream and coffee beans.

THE GOAT{ From time to time we just want to use soap; pure, pure soap, unperfumed                                                       and clean this soap reminds us of the extraordinary nature of pure uncomplicated soap.                                          For sensitive skin Goatsmilk and honey}