Dingle Candle                                                                                                                        


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“Reminisce the fragrance of dingle”

Cottage Eco Reed Diffuser new design & now 100ml


Our new DINGLE CANDLE Reed Diffuser is the perfect way to continuously fill your home with fragrance, without having to light candles.
There’s no need to flip the reeds, as our diffusers are supplied with the latest porex reeds. They’re designed not to clog, and have a great scent throw. The brown coloured sticks harmonise the designer glass base, making our diffuser look great in any interior.
The diffuser oil will evaporate completely, meaning you’ll get every last bit of fragrance. We use an eco-friendly base oil that’s been especially designed to enhance the scent.
The reeds are 250mm tall, black & 100ml
Gift  Linen bag